Green Party statement re. Chilcot report

Speaking as the findings of the Chilcot report were released, Steven Agnew MLA said today, Wednesday 6 July 2016,

“It is with a heavy heart that I acknowledge the Chilcot Report which states that Tony Blair exaggerated the case for the Iraq war and sent UK troops before exhausting peaceful options.

“We now know that military action was not necessary in 2003. Tony Blair has the blood of thousands on his hands and he must be held accountable for a war which I believe was illegal.

“My first political act was marching against the Iraq war. We have had to wait 13 years to get a detailed report of why we actually went to war which cuts through Blair’s spin and deceit.

“Chilcot has said that he hopes his report will ensure that Britain never goes to war again without proper consideration. I hope Britain never goes to war again. Ever.

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