Steven Agnew and Clare Bailey pictured with Margaret McGuckin & John McCourt

Green Party stands with victims & survivors of institutional abuse

Tuesday 13 June 2017

Clare Bailey MLA has offered public support to survivors of institutional abuse after Judge Anthony Hart wrote to politicians in a bid to advance restitution.

The South Belfast MLA said: “The victims and survivors of institutional abuse are enduring further anguish because of the failure of the traditional parties to restore devolution.

“I support Judge Hart’s intervention in a bid to advance compensation payments. It was a necessary intervention because of the failure of politics.

“The state has failed the victims of institutional abuse once more. These people revisited the horror of the abuse when they gave evidence to the inquiry. They’re now questioning why they put themselves through that.

“I travelled to Scotland recently with Margaret McGuckin to support the victims and survivors of abuse there as a Scottish inquiry began.

The South Belfast MLA concluded:

“The irony is that Scottish victims may see a satisfactory resolution to matters before the brave men and women of this jurisdiction.”


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