Green Party stands 18 candidates to challenge the politics of waste

Tuesday 31 January 2017

The Green Party has revealed its full list of candidates for the forthcoming election.

The party will run a candidate in every Northern Ireland constituency and again stands Ellen Murray for West Belfast as the first trans NI Assembly candidate.

The Green Party is also the first party to announce an equal number of male and female candidates.

Party Leader Steven Agnew said the candidates are all standing to oppose the politics of waste at Stormont.

“The traditional parties have our wasted time, money and opportunity with the collapse of the Executive.

“But people have the oportunity to reject the politics of waste. An alternative exists and that alternative spans across Northern Ireland with our 18 Green candidates.

The former Green Party MLA commented:

“I stand with a party which values and promotes equality, supports sustainable economic development and is challenging to ensure that Northern Ireland gets the best deal possible from Europe.

(Full bio for each candidate here)

Steven Agnew – North Down

Clare Bailey – South Belfast

Georgina Milne – East Belfast

Tanya Jones – Fermanagh South Tyrone

Ricky Bamford -Strangford

Mal O’Hara – North Belfast

Ellen Murray – West Belfast

Simon Lee – Upper Bann

Dawn Patterson – East Antrim

Ciaran McClean – West Tyrone

Shannon Downey – Foyle

Anthony Flynn – East Derry/Londonderry

Stefan Taylor – Mid Ulster

Mark Bailey – North Antrim

Rowan Tunnicliffe – Newry and Armagh

Eleanor Bailey – South Antrim

Dan Barios O’Neill – Lagan Valley

Hannah George – South Down