Green Party speaks out against gold mine

Green Party West Tyrone representative Ciaran McClean today (Thursday, 11 June 2015) spoke out against the gold mine at Cavanacaw, Omagh

Responding to the news that the mine has been given planning approval for an extension, Ciaran McClean said,

“This site has a poor track record in meeting planning requirements, for example in 2012 there was an apparent breach of planning permission over the unauthorised removal of rock from the site.

“I find it difficult to have any confidence in the DoE to properly enforce the agreed regulations, given its track record both here at Cavanacaw and in other areas such as Dalradian’s Gortin goldmine and wider to Lough Neagh and Mobuoy.

“While the there is a speculative suggestion that the mine will create 130 jobs, there is no getting away from the fact that open cast mining creates a scar on the landscape and, ultimately, it is the residents and environment of West Tyrone who will bear the costs of this project.”


1 In 2012 The NI Ombudsman has told the Planning Service it should pay a total of £30,000 compensation to three residents because it failed to enforce planning regulations at a Tyrone gold mine. See:

2 DoE press release:

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