Green Party seeks a clear picture on budget

Green Party seeks a clear picture on budget

Thursday 13 April 2017

Green Party leader Steven Agnew met with the Permanent Secretary for the Department of Finance, David Sterling, this afternoon as the talks between traditional parties continue to falter.

The North Down MLA said: “The Northern Ireland purse strings are being controlled by the Civil Service at present because of the inability of the traditional parties to get on with government.

“The meeting today allowed for a clear picture of the Civil Service budgetary priorities. No Executive means no opportunity for elected representatives to provide oversight and scrutiny around where public money is being directed.

“Voluntary and community sector jobs have gone to the wall already because of lack of transparency around budgets and funding streams.

Steven Agnew concluded;

“Ultimately, it’s time for the traditional parties to put people first and get on with the jobs that they were elected to do”.


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