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Green Party responds to the Addressing the Legacy of the Past Consultation

4th October 2018

The Green Party has submitted its response to the Addressing the Legacy of Northern Ireland’s Past Consultation.

Clare Bailey MLA said:

“The legacy of our conflict ridden past is having an impact on the day to day lives of victims and survivors and wider society.

“This legacy consultation is an opportunity to set out a process that finally offers something to thousands of people caught up in the conflict.

“These victims and survivors are getting older and many have died without any form of acknowledgement or redress.

“That’s why any approach to dealing with our past must be victim centred. Legacy bodies and processes must be designed and delivered in conjunction with victims and survivors.”

The South Belfast MLA continued:

“The gendered aspect of the conflict and attempts to address its legacy has been ignored down through the years.

“The vast majority of people killed in the conflict were men. The majority of surviving family members are women with accompanying caring duties as well as financial and emotional responsibilities.

“However, the approach to dealing with the past has largely excluded women and children. Male dominated investigative, legal and medical teams have provided for an imbalanced approach.

“Mechanisms for dealing with the past must also address gender inequalities by including women in the process and understanding the lived experience of women and children throughout the conflict.”

Read our full response here:

GPNI Legacy Consultation Response


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