Green Party reps outline their resolutions for 2018

Green Party representatives have outlined their New Year’s resolutions for January 2018.

Green Party Leader Steven Agnew, MLA for Ards and North Down

I am very lucky that three of my grandparents are still alive – my maternal Grandfather died around this time two years ago.

I know that they will not be around forever and I think it is important that my children get to know them as much as they can before they pass.

That’s why my New Years resolution is to bring my kids to see their great grandparents more often, to enrich the lives of both generations, and indeed my own.


Green Party MLA Clare Bailey, South Belfast

My resolution is to spend some quality time with my children and learn to take time out. They have been my rock over the last few years and now it’s time to say thank you.

I’m going to start walking whenever I can, no matter the weather. I might book a walking holiday on the west coast of Ireland.

In this year of the centenary of women’s partial suffrage I hope to see more women gaining access to the political and public  decision making processes so that they can reflect and speak for the diverse society that we live in.

I would like also to see more concern for the planet and the realisation that infinite growth and expansion on a planet of finite resources is a nonsense. Reduce, reuse and recycle. Think global, act and buy local.


Green Party Councillor John Barry, Ards and North Down Borough Council

It’s a good idea to get to know one of your neighbours in the coming year. Too often we live cheek by jowl, but as strangers.

And try the five steps to wellbeing –  connect, be active, take notice, keep learning, give and remember that its easier to ask for forgiveness than permission!


Green Party Councillor Rachel Woods, Ards and North Down Borough Council

My resolutions are around self care this January.

This year I have worked too much, causing health worries, so I think 2018 I will stop and smell the roses more, and also go to the gym – maybe!


Green Party Councillor Georgina Milne, Belfast City Council

I want to take the time to actively listen to my friends and family.  Sometimes, I spend so much time in work or in Council that I am distracted and absent when spending time with my friends and family.  However, these are the people who care for me, love me and keep me safe so it’s important that I give them time, and make that time meaningful.

I also want to meditate. Doing a good job means being calm, focused and measured instead of frazzled.  Even a few short minutes of mindfulness and meditation per day can be really effective and I’m looking forward to making the time to do it.

I am also hoping to get back into weightlifting. I used to be a pretty competent weightlifter and competitive swimmer but I slipped a disc in 2013 and have been inactive since then.  I’m hoping to get back into it this year.


Hannah McNamara, Green Party rep from Donaghadee

My New Year’s resolution will be to be better at practicing self care. After putting my studies first and getting into a grad job, I have pushed myself to the limit this year.

I plan to make more time for fun things and boring things like keeping a better routine and learning how to balance work and free time. This way I won’t burn out and I will be able to work hard and get things done for myself and in the community.

Self care doesn’t have to be taking bubble baths or reading a book – it can be doing all your dishes and washing your clothes so you’re ready for the week ahead. I encourage everyone to take time for themselves this year even if it’s something small!