Green Party rep welcomed jail sentence for man who attacked paramedics

Wednesday February 14 2018

Green Party rep Hannah McNamara has welcomed a 15-month jail sentence for a Co Down man who attacked two paramedics and urinated over the back of an ambulance.

The rep for Bangor East and Donaghadee, who worked for Northern Ireland Ambulance Service for five years, said ambulance crews have enough to deal with already.

“We’re all aware that ambulance crews are under enough pressure due to staffing levels and lack of beds and this is the last thing they need,” she said.

“This kind of violent assault is exactly what takes much needed ambulance crews and vehicles away from the frontline just when they are most needed, leaving areas without cover.

“Ambulance crews are dedicated people who work hard to help everyone that needs help – and they do not deserve to be treated in this revolting and frightening way.

“I welcome this custodial sentence and I am glad to see that the courts are taking this seriously.”


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