Green Party rep says equal marriage via Westminster would be bittersweet

Tuesday February 20 2018

Green Party campaigner Mal O’Hara has described suggestions that equal marriage for Northern Ireland could be delivered through Westminster as “bittersweet”.

The North Belfast rep said the majority of MLAs at Stormont have already voted in favour of equal marriage and that is where it should have been delivered.


“The Green Party brought the first equal marriage motion to the NI Assembly in 2012. By the last Assembly, we had progressed to the point where a majority of MLAs voted in favour of legally recognising same-sex marriage, yet the motion was blocked by a Petition of Concern exercised by the DUP,” he said.

“The majority of MLAs now support marriage equality and the Ipsos Mori poll of 2015 found that 68% of the people support it too.

“While the Secretary of State’s suggestion that Westminster could offer a free vote on equal marriage is a welcome step forward, it doesn’t change the fact that this should have been delivered by our own Assembly.

“The Executive parties have never passed any legislation to progress sexual orientation or gender identity equality and LGBTQ campaigners are left in a position where they have been abandoned by those who have a duty to legislate for them,” the Green Party rep said.



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