Green Party rep Malachai O’Hara calls on Secretary of State to legislate for marriage equality

Wednesday February 7 2018

Green Party spokesman Malachai O’Hara has called on the Secretary of State Karen Bradley to respect the will of the Assembly by moving to legislate on marriage equality.

The North Belfast rep was speaking after the Secretary of State was asked by Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary Owen Smith to remove one of the sticking points in the political talks by legislating for same sex marriage.

However, the Secretary of State said equal marriage was a devolved issue and should be legislated for in Stormont.

“As Mr Smith rightly pointed out, Northern Ireland has already made its will known on the issue of equal marriage when the Assembly voted in favour of taking forward marriage equality,” Mr O’Hara said.

“There is no mystery about this – Northern Ireland wants marriage equality, Northern Ireland has been waiting for marriage equality and there should be nothing lying in the way of legislating for marriage equality.

“The majority of MLAs support marriage equality and the Ispos Mori poll of 2015 found that 68% of the people support it too.

“If this particular right is a sticking point in the talks, then it makes sense to remove it as a sticking point. The debate is over and it is time for the Secretary of State to show that she respects the call of the people of Northern Ireland for the same rights as the rest of the UK,” the Green Party spokesman said.






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