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Green Party rep Mal O’Hara condemns North Belfast gun attack

Wednesday March 11 2018

Green Party rep Mal O’Hara has condemned last night’s gun attack in North Belfast.

It has been reported that the UDA was responsible for the gun attack on the Tyndale area off the Ballysillan Road. A man was shot at in the incident but was not injured.

“It is deeply demoralising that this attack should take place just one day on from the statement from three loyalist paramilitary organisations rejecting criminal activity,” the North Belfast rep said.

“I utterly condemn this attack which has shocked and frightened people in North Belfast.  My thoughts are with the people in the area who must have been terrified by what was going on and I would urge anyone with information to contact police investigating this attack.

“It is deeply ironic that it was carried out as we talked about the legacy of the Good Friday Agreement and the progress made away from our violent past in Northern Ireland.

“North Belfast is one of the areas that suffered the most in those dark days and these communities have seen little of the much promised peace dividend.

“We are seeing worrying patterns of paramilitary activity in North Belfast as a result of a failure to demobilise, demilitarise and reintegrate to bring about a normal society. We need to invigorate the process to ensure that paramilitary actors leave the stage immediately.

“We are also seeing this activity emerging in an area that is blighted by unaddressed legacy issues and the political vacuum does little to tackle these undercurrents.

“It is vital that those responsible for the current political impasse should take the same kind of leap of faith that we saw 20 years ago if we are to get our community back on the path that has taken us out of the darkness.”

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