Green Party rep Hannah McNamara comments on findings of NIAO report on diabetes care

Monday March 5 2018

Green Party rep Hannah McNamara has called for urgent investment in diabetes services to remedy shortfalls identified in an NI Audit Office report.

The rep for Bangor East and Donaghadee said: “The report is very clear that had the review of diabetes care in 2003 been fully implemented, many lives would have been transformed for the better.

“The Comptroller and Auditor General Kieran Donnelly says this was a missed opportunity to slow the growing prevalence of the disease and reduce the numbers of serious complications, including blindness and lower limb amputations.

“Due to the failings of the healthcare service, the prevalence of this dangerous condition has been allowed to increase unchecked and I am sure that there are families reading this report today who will find it hard to understand why more was not done.

“It is particularly worrying that a clinical database of local diabetes patients linking primary and secondary has not been introduced, despite the need having been highlighted back in 2003.

“It is impossible to understand the scale of the problem and to tackle it effectively without the integrated systems that will reveal whether recommended care standards are being delivered. I would urge the Department of Health to place the highest priority on introducing management information systems that can deliver the data that is needed and that are able of generating the information that is needed for full participation in the National Diabetes Audit.”



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