Green Party rep calls for clarity over East Belfast hotel and apartment development

Wednesday February 21 2018

Green Party rep for Lisnasharragh Brian Smyth has called on the developers behind the proposed Laburnum Leisure Village in East Belfast to provide much more clarity for local people on what is on the table.

Mr Smyth said many questions still need to be answered after he attended the public consultation of the development, which is planned for the former Laburnum playing fields on the Castlereagh Road in Belfast.

The Green Party rep said the development, which includes an 85/100 bed sports themed hotel, 100 apartments and car parking for 280 vehicles, raises a number of questions which need to be answered at an early stage to provide clarity and transparency, especially for local residents in Orangefield, Clarawood, Castlereagh Road and the Braniel.

“We need a great deal more detail on the type of hotel that is planned, whether it includes bars and restaurants, how it will impact the nature of the area and what will happen if only partial permission  is granted,” he said.

“Talking to local residents, there would be very little confidence about what the developers are saying about the impact of traffic on Prince Regent Road where it feeds onto the Castlereagh Road, an already challenging junction. This development would add more pressure onto the traffic load,” he said.

“Residents want to know if there are any firm indications yet that the Prince Regent access will be approved and what are back-up plans are in place in place in the event that it isn’t.

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“It is good practice that all housing schemes should be mixed tenure and include social and affordable housing. Does the developer intend to include this in their proposals, and if not, why not?

“Residents have asked whether the developer will be building in a social clause and what opportunities will be available for young people not in education, training or employment. Does the developer intend to provide apprenticeships on this scheme and will there be any developer contributions to this scheme?

“I am aware that the local residents groups have many more questions that have yet to be answered and I would hope that the developers will put a comprehensive engagement process in place in order to allay their very understandable concerns.

“This is a development which will potentially have a huge impact in an area that is currently a very popular leisure amenity for local people and it is vital that the developers do everything in their powers to engage with local residents and get it right.”



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