Businesses for Love Equality

Business Love Equality campaign supported by Anthony Flynn, Balmoral rep.

Tuesday 11 September 2018

Love Equality launched the Businesses Love Equality Campaign earlier today at Ulster Bank HQ in Belfast.

The campaign involves 30 plus businesses coming together to support and make the economic case for marriage equality in Northern Ireland.

Green Party representative for Balmoral, Anthony Flynn, attended the launch event and said:

“Over thirty employers have come together this morning to call for marriage equality to be extended to Northern Ireland.

“These employers recognise diversity and inclusion in the workplace. I’m encouraged to hear them support the rights of people to be themselves, to live and work free from discrimination, prejudice or exclusion.

“These employers have made the economic case for marriage equality. They rightly state that a diverse, outward looking and inclusive society is essential to create a vibrant and competitive economy and a prosperous future for Northern Ireland.

“I want the politicians blocking marriage equality to hear that message loud and clear. Blocking marriage equality is not only a denial of rights, but is damaging to Northern Ireland’s economic prospects.

“These politicians do not represent Northern Ireland’s best interests – they merely reflect their narrow world view.

“I call on the Westminster government to introduce legislation to extend marriage equality to Northern Ireland in the absence of devolved regional government.”


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