Green Party MLA Clare Bailey has expressed concerns over DUP inconsistencies

Tuesday December 5 2017

Green Party MLA Clare Bailey has issued the following statement in relation to the breakdown in Brexit negotiations.

“It is extremely concerning to see serious inconsistencies in the DUP’s approach to Northern Ireland’s place in the Union.”

Commenting on the remarks by Arlene Foster that the DUP would not accept any form of regulatory divergence which separates Northern Ireland economically or politically from the rest of the United Kingdom, the South Belfast MLA added: “The people of Northern Ireland have looked on as the DUP supported regulatory divergence from the rest of the UK on many occasions in the past, on a variety of issues including donor secrecy, abortion reform and equal marriage.

“They have also supported economic divergence on a number of fronts, including lobbying to implement a divergent Corporation Tax regime from the rest of the UK, with the goal of reducing corporate taxes to 12.5%.

They also sought different APD (Air Passenger Duty) taxes here, recognising NI’s unique economic environment and appealing to Westminster for special economic status in these areas.

 “A bespoke arrangement for Northern Ireland – which minimises the harms and maximises the opportunities of Brexit – should not be rejected outright and we hope that the DUP bear their responsibility carefully.”


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