Green Party Manifesto harnesses the power of good ideas

Thursday 18 April 2019 

The Green Party NI has launched its Local Council Election Manifesto with a pledge to use the positive power of disruption and good ideas across Councils.

Clare Bailey MLA leads the Green Party in the election as leader for the first time with 26 candidates on ballot papers across Northern Ireland.

Clare Bailey said: “I’m delighted to bring forward our Manifesto for the first time as leader of the Green Party NI. It sets out our commitment to address some of the key challenges of our time through local councils including climate breakdown, lack of progress on equality issues and the impact of Brexit.  

“The Manifesto contains ten key commitments including a complete ban on single use plastics and provision of free sanitary products within council premises as well as reducing hate crimes through Policing and Community Safety Partnerships.

“Our campaign has been energetic and positive so far. Green means connecting with communities and our candidates have been listening to people and exploring new ways to better bring together people and their local councils.

“We’ve harnessed the energy of good ideas and aren’t afraid to use the power of disruption to make much needed change across Northern Ireland.”      


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