Green Party leader welcomes publication of party donations but calls for backdate to 2014

Monday March 12 2018

Green Party leader Steven Agnew has welcomed the publication of political party donations in Northern Ireland for the first time.

“These figures make for fascinating reading and it is clear there are some incredible sums of money swirling around,” the North Down MLA said.

“What is clear is that there is a phenomenal disparity in the amounts of public funding that are going to various parties.

“This publication is a key step forward but it is more important than ever that the publication of party donations goes back to 2014 as was originally envisaged in the law, in order to allay public fears over so-called dark money.

“It should not need to be underlined that the electoral system is based on one person, one vote – rather than one pound, one vote. That is why we must take every precaution to monitor both income and election spending to ensure fairness.

“The Green Party is the first and only party in Northern Ireland to publish all donations over £500 and in the interests of a transparent and fair electoral system we would urge all other parties to follow in our footsteps.”


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