Green Party leader warns no deal Brexit could turn back the clock

Thursday February 8 2018

Green Party Leader Steven Agnew has warned that a no deal Brexit could roll the clock back in Northern Ireland, undoing years of post-Troubles regeneration.

His comments come after Treasury reports forecast that Northern Ireland’s economy could take a 12% hit if there is no Brexit deal.

“I am calling on the UK government to halt the headlong rush towards to a hard or no deal Brexit,” the North Down MLA said.

“We all remember how far Northern Ireland has had to climb back in its recovery from the devastation of the Troubles and we know that process of regeneration still has some way to go.

“According to these Treasury figures, we still face an 8% contraction of the our economy even if a trade deal is agreed. And even in the event of a soft Brexit, with the UK still part of the single market, a 2.5% hit is forecast.

“There are no good outcomes to this ill-thought-out circus, but it seems that the UK govenrmnet is headed in the most damaging direction of all, with the pressure being exerted from within the Conservative Party for a hard Brexit.

“We are now seeing communities across the UK waking up to the true danger that threatens their communities and livelihoods and that is why it is vital that they are given the opportunity to vote in a referendum on any final deal. They should have the final say on a process that will affect their futures so profoundly.”


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