Green Party leader Steven Agnew says Brexit debacle is hugely embarrassing

Tuesday December 5 2017 

Green Party Leader Steven Agnew says the disastrous Brexit talks have been hugely embarrassing for the DUP and Theresa May.

“No one comes out of this utter debacle looking good, and it does a massive disservice to the many businesses and farmers in Northern Ireland who had their hopes raised by the prospect of fluid cross-border trade, only to be dashed,” the North Down MLA said.

“The DUP has jumped to the assumption that regulatory alignment with the Republic of Ireland means regulatory divergence from Great Britain.

“But be the ideal solution would be regulatory alignment across both islands so that we are all working on a common framework that allows us to trade into each other’s markets.

“Such a solution would be in line with the will of the majority of people in Northern Ireland who voted to remain in the single market,” he said.

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