Green Party Leader Steven Agnew calls for investment in public transport

Thursday November 30 2017

Green Party Leader Steven Agnew says a travel survey showing that the proportion of journeys made by car in Northern Ireland has stayed around the same level for 10 years indicates that it is time to end the under-investment in public transport.

The Travel Survey for Northern Ireland 2014-2016 Report revealed that in 2014-2016, 71% of all journeys were made by car, 18% by walking and 5% by public transport. The survey said the proportion of car use had changed little in 10 years.

The North Down MLA said: “Northern Ireland still under-invests in public transport infrastructure and these figures reflect that. We need to increase the proportion of the transport budget that we spend on transport.

“It is still the case that this figure remains at around 20%, despite previous transport strategies targeting a figure of one third.

“It is heartening to see that places that are well served by public transport have a lower proportion of car use. In Belfast, the proportion of journeys made by car is 60% and in Derry City & Strabane it is 61%.

“I have noticed that following the investment in rail services in Bangor, the train is frequently overcrowded and if anything it needs more carriages to cope with the demand.

“Where there is good public transport provision, it is used, and hopefully with the investment in Belfast’s Rapid Transit System we will see a significant modal shift in our city centre.”



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