Green Party in Northern Ireland play a key role ahead of Michel Barnier meeting

Tuesday 12 September 2017

The Green Party in Northern Ireland has played a key role ahead of a meeting between EU Chief Brexit Negotiator Michel Barnier and the European Greens in Strasbourg later today (Tuesday 12 September).

The Green Party provided a briefing on the circumstances and challenges posed by Brexit for Northern Ireland.

Green Party leader Steven Agnew MLA said: “We were contacted by our European Green MEPs and provided a briefing ahead of the meeting with Mr Barnier.

“We identified a number of critical matters with access to the single market without customs tariffs top of the agenda. We also raised issues relating to environmental protection, the energy market across the island of Ireland and the European Arrest Warrant.

“In particular, we stressed the importance of the UK coming up with solutions to border issues. We asserted that the EU should have the flexibility to agree a bespoke arrangement for Northern Ireland that does least damage and attracts as much local political support as possible.

“The Green movement across Europe is particularly strong with Green politics prominent in states such as Germany and the Netherlands.

“European Greens are keen to hear a perspective from Northern Ireland and they recognise that the region forms a key area of negotiation between the EU and UK Government.”

Steven Agnew MLA concluded:

“The voice and interests of the people of Northern Ireland on Brexit aren’t being heard without Executive Ministers in place at present. The Green Party in Northern Ireland will continue to engage with Green MEPs to provide a voice as negotiations continue.”


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