Green Party in Northern Ireland highly critical of fracking company’s latest claims

The Green Party in Northern Ireland today challenged Australian mining company Tamboran’s new claims that its plans for Fracking in County Fermanagh will be beneficial for Northern Ireland.

Green Party Leader Steven Agnew MLA said: “Tamboran claims it will create hundreds of jobs in Northern Ireland through Fracking.

“It is hard to understand these new figures when only very recently Tamboran said it would create 800 jobs across the whole of Ireland – now they are saying 600 jobs in Northern Ireland alone.

“If they can’t even get their figures straight at this stage, can we really trust them to bore hundreds of wells into our land?

“The process of Fracking puts at risk both our tourism and farming industries – two key sectors of the Northern Ireland economy.

“So while Tamboran are making bold claims about job creation – the more important question is how many jobs will be lost if Fracking goes ahead?

“Currently, one in five jobs in Fermanagh is dependent on the environment and hundreds of gas wells will not only have a destructive visual impact on a unique landscape but will also put our water supplies and community health at risk due to the threat of contamination of the air and water table.

“The Green Party of course supports job creation but not if it is going to cost jobs in other sectors and put our health, environment and key indigenous industries at risk.

“More jobs, which will be sustainable for longer, could be created through investment in the renewable energy sector by harnessing clean, green energy sources such wind, wave and tidal.

“Tamboran seems to be ignoring the will of the Northern Ireland Assembly and Fermanagh District Council both of which recently voted against proposals for Fracking in County Fermanagh.

“It is arrogant in the extreme of Tamboran to think that it can ride roughshod over not only the political process in Northern Ireland but also the will of many of the people in Fermanagh.

“We have been duped before by the promises of outside companies to bring jobs and billions of pounds into our economy.

“While we want Northern Ireland to be open for business, we don’t want it to be wide open to the exploitation of multinational companies.

“We need policies that our good for the economy, good for people and good for the environment.”

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