Green Party councillor calls for segregated cycle lanes in Belfast

Tuesday November 14 2017

Green Party Councillor Georgina Milne has called on the Department of Infrastructure to invest in more separated cycling lanes on busy roads and incorporate separated lanes into new transport schemes.

The East Belfast Councillor cycles to work in Dundonald regularly and says the dangers of cycling in heavy traffic are creating a chill factor for people who would like to cycle more.

Her comments come as the Sustrans Bikelife survey reveals that 79% people in Belfast who don’t cycle support the provision of segregated routes. (

“We hear all too often about people who are badly injured or killed when cycling close to traffic,” she said.

“The development of greenways has gone a long way towards encouraging people onto their bikes and enjoying a healthier and more environmentally friendly way of travelling, but there are many busy roads in Belfast that are virtually a no-go area for many cyclists.

“Many cyclists just don’t feel safe making their way along a strip of green paint or negotiating their way past a row of buses in a shared bus lane.  Some cyclists feel forced onto footpaths, which is risky for both cyclists and pedestrians. The best solution for all people moving about our City, including cyclists, pedestrians and drivers, is segregated cycle routes.

“Most people believe Belfast would be a better place to live and work if more people cycled, and four out of five would be in favour of building protected cycle lanes.

“We are calling for more joined-up thinking from the Department for Infrastructure and other agencies to incorporate separated lanes in the design of key transport routes such as the area surrounding the new Transport Hub and the York Street Interchange.

“It is vital that the Department also looks at how it can introduce new separated lanes on some of our most treacherous arterial routes so that more people can feel safe on two wheels.”


Linda Stewart