Green Party comments on bright green river mystery

Thursday January 11 2018 

Green Party rep Malachai O’Hara has urged the Rivers Agency to keep the public in the loop after an apparent pollution incident at Colin Glen turned out to be a tracer dye.

Members of the public contacted the Green Party last night to report bright green run-off in the Colin River.

Colin Glen Forest has now issued a statement saying that the run-off is a non-toxic dye used by the Rivers Agency for testing.

“I am very relieved to find that this substance is not pollution but is a tracer dye,” Green Party rep for West Belfast, Malachai O’Hara said.

“However, I would point out that this caused quite a degree of alarm among users of the forest park, some of whom have come across genuine pollution incidents in the area in the recent past.

“It is in the interests of a healthy environment for park users to continue to report suspicious substances when they come across them.

“I would urge Rivers Agency to let the public know ahead of time if they are carrying out this kind of exercise, rather than stir up this kind of confusion.”


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