Green Party Belfast City Council motion to protect bee population post Brexit

Thursday 09 August 2018

Cllr Georgina Milne has said that a Belfast City Council motion should safeguard our bee population.

Cllr Milne, a Green Party Councillor for Ormiston, believes the bee population is threatened by pesticide use after the UK exits the European Union.

Cllr Milne explained the purpose of her motion which was passed by Belfast City Council this week.

“Bees are much loved by gardeners and they remind us all of sunny summer days. More importantly, bees are essential for growing fruit and vegetables.

“Indeed, bees are worth £690 million to the UK economy, playing a critical role in pollinating the plants which provide our fruit and vegetables.

“There has been a dramatic drop in bee numbers in recent years with pesticide use a major culprit. These pesticides are sprayed on crops to kill pests, killing our bees at the same time.

“The European Union has protected the bee population by banning these pesticides from 2018 onwards. However, there is no guarantee that this ban will be maintained after we exit the European Union.

“That’s why I am delighted that Belfast City Council has supported my motion and will write to DEFRA and DAERA to call for the protection of bees through the maintenance of the ban on the pesticides”.

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Pictured: Cllr Georgina Milne with a bee hive in an East Belfast bee yard

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