Green MLA says he still has no confidence in claims that fracking is good for Northern Ireland

Following yesterday’s presentation to the Enterprise, Trade and Investment Committee by Tamboran, the Australian-drilling company proposing to frack for gas in Fermanagh, Green MLA Steven Agnew says he still remains totally opposed to the plans.

“The bottom line remains the same, this company wants to exploit Northern Ireland’s natural resources for profit,” Mr Agnew said.

“The only people set to really benefit from these plans will be Tamboran.

“No amount of slick PR or industry assurances about Fracking safety is going to convince me that the proposed plans to install 1440 frack wells in Fermanagh will not be detrimental to the area and the whole of Northern Ireland.

“By the company’s own admission, local communities are being asked to ‘take the hit’ so they can proceed with this environmental disaster purely to reap excessive profits.

“I don’t believe any amount of so-called ‘compensation’ will convince local people to stand back and allow our beautiful environment to be decimated in this fashion.

“Once such a resource is lost, its gone forever.

“The promise of local job creation by Tamboran in today’s economic climate is cynical and I don’t believe they will deliver all that they are promising.

“Fracking also puts in jeopardy two of our biggest revenue-driving sectors of tourism and agribusiness.

“Not to mention the disruptive and negative impact it will have on people leaving close to well pads who will see their health put at risk and their house prices devalued.

“Should we not be trying to protect our most valuable assets rather then selling them off for perceived short-term gain?

“If the Executive gives Fracking the go-ahead against the will of the Assembly which voted for a moratorium last year, then it will be destroying the lives of thousands of people and leaving a toxic legacy for generations to come.”

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