Green MLA says DUP wants to rob the poor and pay the rich with corporation tax cuts

Green Party Leader Steven Agnew has accused the DUP of being modern day ‘Robbing Hoods’ who want to steal from the poor, by implementing so-called welfare reform, while at the same time calling for a reduction in corporation tax for big businesses.

“The policy of the DUP seems to be to rob the poor and reward the rich – making them the reverse of Robin Hood,” Green MLA Steven Agnew said.

“The UK government agenda is to reduce spending on welfare by £18bn – Northern Ireland’s contribution to that reduction will take approximately £750m out of our local economy.

“Former DUP Finance Minister Sammy Wilson is now advocating that we implement these cuts to the incomes of the poorest so that we can afford to cut corporation tax for big business.

“This would take another £400 million pounds out of our economy, requiring cuts to public services such as health and education.

“Cutting corporation and would effectively see our economy subsidising big business twice over.

“We are already providing social security payments to the working poor receiving low wages from corporations that refuse to the pay the living wage and the DUP now want to offer those same companies lower tax rates.

“It just doesn’t add up and is a clear indicator where the DUP’s priorities lie.

“Shame on the other parties in the Executive that are supporting them on this agenda.”

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