Green MLA demands ‘equality of opportunity’ for all during Sexual Orientation Strategy debate

Green MLA Steven Agnew has demanded of the Executive that it supports equality of opportunity for everyone in society in Northern Ireland during today’s Assembly debate on the long-delayed Sexual Orientation Strategy.

“It is appropriate that we are having this debate today on what is International Human Rights Day.

“What we are dealing with here are fundamental human rights issues and the ongoing delay to produce a the Sexual Orientation Strategy is undermining the very humanity of our society.

“It has been delayed within OFMDFM for over seven years now and that is simply not acceptable.

“The LGBT community has been badly let down by the political leadership in Northern Ireland for a variety of reasons.

“This has left LGBT people vulnerable in terms of homophobic bully, sexual health support, mental wellbeing and even their legal status in adoption and marriage equality.

“There are a number of serious specific issues which need to be addressed with real urgency to protect, support and promote LGBT people so they have the equality of opportunity which is to be expected in a democracy.

“This motion has been approved and supported in the Assembly and OFMDFM have to step up and fulfill its commitment to produce this document as quickly as possible and without further delay.”

10 Dec 2013

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