Green environmental campaigner to speak at pro-EU rally

Green Party representative and well known anti-fracking campaigner Tanya Jones will be speaking at a pro-EU rally at Queen’s University on Wednesday 25 May.

Organised by Friends of the Earth and Environmentalists for Europe, Tanya Jones will be joined on stage by former MEP Stanley Johnson.

Tanya Jones said,

“I am looking forward to the discussion and putting forward the environmental case as to why we must remain in the EU.

“I do not believe that UK law, apart from the legislation which has come from Europe, would protect our health and wellbeing from environmental damage.

“The value of being in Europe isn’t just that there are specific laws to protect us, but also that a clean and safe environment is increasingly seen as a human right.

“As we have seen time and again, implementation of European environmental protection in Northern Ireland is woeful.

“However it is not the laws themselves that are woeful, it is the lack of political will to enforce them.

“We need to claim the rights and tools that are ours.”

Tanya Jones continued

“The threat to our environment continues, from oil drilling at Woodburn which threatens Belfast’s water supplies to renewed concern over fracking in Fermanagh.

“We need to remain in Europe so that we can work across borders to protect our environment. It is only by working from within that we can effect meaningful change.”

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