Greater transparency needed over political donations

Further to the allegations made by Mr Mick Wallace TD regarding Tughans solicitors and NAMA, leader of the Green Party Steven Agnew MLA said today, Monday, 06 July 2015,

“Mr Wallace TD has made serious allegations which need to be investigated as a matter of urgency.

“The implication that £7 million in an offshore account is linked to a local politician is disquieting.

“I can unequivocally state that neither the Green Party nor I have had any involvement in this.

“Indeed the Green Party has repeatedly called for greater transparency in our political donation system. I believe that donations to political parties in Northern Ireland should be made public so that voters can see exactly where vested interests lie.

“The Green Party has endeavoured to lead by example and publishes all donations received over £500.

“To continue with the current system that does not require names of political financial backers to be published fuels suspicion when allegations such as these surface”.

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