Georgina Milne

Cllr Georgina Mlne

Cllr Georgina Mlne

Green Party candidate for East Belfast
Cllr Georgina Milne
As a research statistician with a PhD in the impact of long-term climate change, new East Belfast Green Party Councillor, Dr. Georgina Milne, knows exactly how much damage the politics of waste is doing to our society.

Georgina said:

“The bigger political parties have been our wasting time, money and opportunities when we could instead be tacking critical local issues.

“Our NHS staff are overworked. Brexit negotiations are taking place. Welfare reform is looming.

“Climate change is perhaps the biggest issue facing our society and now the opportunity to make good on delivering renewable energy has been squandered.

“As your Councillor for Ormiston and prospective MLA, I will continue to uphold out public services, stand against welfare reform and promote a sustainable Belfast.

“I will not waste the opportunity to bring a more compassionate, positive and informed politics to Northern Ireland.”