Clare Bailey MLA

General Election will come during extraordinary times – an extraordinary response needed

Tuesday 29 October 2019

Responding to a likely General Election, Clare Bailey MLA said: 

“A General Election will not resolve the deep societal divisions caused by Brexit. 

“The Prime Minister has run out of road at Westminster. Let’s hope he avoids the ditch. 

“A People’s Vote is a more sustainable option than a General Election that’s certain to be framed as a people’s vote between leave and remain anyway without addressing the damage done.

“The Green Party NI will consider the options in the coming days. In doing so we are clear on what’s most important. 

“First and foremost, the chaos and division brought about by Brexit is unprecedented and we must ensure that the voice of the pro remain majority here in Northern Ireland is heard and call Brexit out as the disaster it is for our fragile peace, economy and relations.

“Northern Ireland needs MPs who will oppose the callous policies of the Tory party ensuring an end to people being driven to food bank use due to welfare reform and low wages

“We must see immediate action to deal with climate breakdown and we need to work closely with our European partners on this.

“These are extraordinary times – we need an extraordinary response. For this election we need to put the protection of future generations ahead of Party ambitions and fight for what is right.”


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