Clare Bailey MLA

“Gay conversion therapy” ban is welcomed and must apply in Northern Ireland

Tuesday 03 July 2018

Clare Bailey MLA has welcomed the Westminster government’s aim to ban “conversion therapy” as part of a LGBTQ equality plan and says it must apply to Northern Ireland.

The South Belfast MLA said: “So called conversation therapy is a dangerous and damaging practice. In reality, it is not therapy at all.

“It is not client focused, the outcome is pre-determined and experts in the form of the UK Council for Psychotherapy tell us that it doesn’t work.

“I welcome the Westminster government’s equality action plan and it must apply here in Northern Ireland.

“The LGBTQ community across Northern Ireland face widespread challenges with little progress made on equality and rights issues”.

Clare Bailey MLA concluded:

“Equality is a long way of, but the implementation of this action plan in Northern Ireland can improve the picture.”


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