Fracking payments described as ‘bribe’

The Green Party has today, Monday, 08 August 2016, described potential payments to residents affected by fracking as a bribe.

Tanya Jones, Green Party representative for Fermanagh South Tyrone and anti-fracking campaigner said,

“The UK should be utilising our natural resources responsibly and this is why we advocate the development of safe, clean and renewable alternatives such as air, solar and tidal power.

“Effectively bribing local people to accept fracking, which is not an effective use of resources and threatens our health, our economy and our landscape, is entirely unacceptable.

“By following the evidence, people can make informed decisions as to what should be happening in their local environment.

“I can only hope that the consultation launched by the Prime Minister is a true consultation, and that the views of people who have no wish to live in an area potentially blighted by fracking are listened to.”

Tanya Jones also responded to comments made by DUP MP Sammy Wilson, who has attacked “green Luddites” over their opposition to fracking, saying

“Mr Wilson’s statement is disappointing, although unsurprising, and bordering on offensive. The disdain with which he dismisses those who see the bigger picture in terms of environmental sustainability and protecting our children’s future is sadly plain to see.”

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