Focus efforts on helping those who need support – Steven Agnew MLA

The Final Stage: Budget (No2) Bill 2015 motion was debated in the Northern Ireland Assembly today, Tuesday 30 June 2015.

Green Party leader Steven Agnew MLA said,

“Just this week, the Office for National Statistics demonstrated that Northern Ireland has the lowest incomes of any region of the UK.

“This is despite the fact that Minister of Finance and Personnel Arlene Foster has continually boasted that Northern Ireland has been the most successful region in the UK at attracting foreign direct investment (FDI).

“It is clear that this strategy, which underpins proposals to reduce corporation tax, is failing to improve incomes and quality of life of people in Northern Ireland.

“It perplexes me as to why the Executive is continuing to pursue an economic strategy based on attracting foreign direct investment when the stark evidence is that it is failing.

“Reducing corporation tax will only increase hardship in Northern Ireland given that it will take around £300m per year out of our public services.

“Our efforts should be focused on helping those in our society who need support most. Reducing corporation tax is neither good for our economy nor for our people and is the wrong priority when people are struggling.”

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