Executive playing political ping-pong with children’s education

Green Party MLA Clare Bailey has today, Wednesday, 07 September 2016, expressed her disappointment at the Education Minister’s announcement that he is allowing schools to choose to prepare pupils to sit unofficial transfer tests.

Clare Bailey MLA said,

“Instead of sorting out a solution, the Executive is playing political ping-pong with our children’s education.

“This is not mature politics. Allowing tutoring in school for unofficial exams does not solve the problem, which is that we need to build an education system for modern times.”

Clare Bailey MLA, who was part of the first intake of pupils to Lagan College, the first integrated school in Northern Ireland, added,

“This move has passed the buck to schools, which may now be pressurised into providing tutoring for an unofficial exam during core teaching hours.

“It would be better if the Executive put its efforts in to ensuing that we had an integrated education system that met the needs of all our children.”

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