Steven Agnew

Executive Office Trump invite letter a waste of paper

Thursday 02 February 2017

Green Party Leader Steven Agnew has responded to the publishing of an Executive Office letter offering then President elect Donald Trump a warm welcome in Northern Ireland.

“The letter is a waste of the paper it’s written on. President Trump wants to “put America first” and Martin McGuinness and Arlene Foster are no longer First and deputy First Minister.

“It’s disturbing to read the words today in the context of the dark clouds of President Trump’s first weeks in office.

“I’m also struck by the sycophantic tone with overtures to American corporate interests. We’ve saw with the United Airlines fiasco how these corporate interests are hardwired to serve themselves and waste public money and time in the process.

“The now defunct Executive Office tripped over itself to flatter the new administration, taking a never mind approach to the hateful, racist and misogynistic rhetoric of President Trump.

“The Green Party is working to create a confident, vibrant and sustainable economy that isn’t slavishly dependent on foreign direct investment. Let’s put time, focus and energy into that.”


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