Every vote counts

“The arguments have been made, the doors knocked, the leaflets delivered and it is finally time to choose”, said party leader Steven Agnew on the eve of the Westminster 2015 elections, Wednesday 6 May

“But whatever you do, get out and vote. Vote because this is a crucial election. Vote because every vote counts.

“The Green Party is offering a fresh alternative to old style politics, with five candidates standing in this election”.

“By voting for Clare Bailey, Ross Brown, Tanya Jones, Ciaran McClean or me, you will be demonstrating your support for the Green Party and what it stands for.

“We will build on this support and promise to work on issues such as equality, protecting public services, promoting a living wage, promoting new green industry and sustainability that affect you on a daily basis.

“Vote Green in 2015 and work with us for the common good”.

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