Clare Bailey MLA

Desperately needed abortion reform has begun

Tuesday 05 June 2018

Clare Bailey MLA has described today’s emergency Commons debate on Northern Ireland abortion laws as the beginning of a desperately needed reform process. 

The South Belfast MLA paid tribute to Stella Creasey MP for bringing the issue to the floor of the Commons today:

“Stella Creasey stood up and demanded that the UK government honour their human rights commitments to the women of Northern Ireland.

“The Green Party has led on abortion law reform in the Assembly while other politicians shuffled in their seats and wondered how the issue would play out on the door steps.

“Those politicians continuing to quibble over abortion law reform misunderstand the mood of the public. It’s clear that the people of Northern Ireland want abortion law reform. The most recent NI Life and Times Survey told us that a substantial majority of people in Northern Ireland support some measure of reform.

“However, today we had the spectacle of DUP MPs telling the house that their narrow world view is reflective of the people of Northern Ireland. Their evidence – nothing more than a fistful of letters and emails from constituents.

“Their irrational and disjointed anti-choice rhetoric was called out by a string of cross party MPs who demonstrated a trust in women entirely lacking amongst the 10 DUP MPs”.

Clare Bailey concluded:

“I am pleased that the majority of MPs supported reform but disappointed that no date was set for the Domestic Violence Bill to be brought forward.

“I’ve sought a meeting with Secretary of State Karen Bradley on Thursday to discussion this issue further.”


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