Danny O’Neill


Dan Barrios O’Neill

Green Party candidate for Lagan Valley

Daniel Barrios O’Neill believes that the key to ensuring a sustainable future for all lies in redressing enormous and growing inequalities that today characterise our society.

“For too long, parochialism has dominated the agenda at Stormont,” says Daniel. “Our society and environment has paid a hefty price for this, and opportunities to improve life for everyone continue to be wasted.

“As a scientist I have spent many years working to understand and to protect our environment; where we live is strongly linked to how we live.

“As such, I would like to see properly resourced mental health services in Lagan Valley, to see adequate welfare support for those who are unemployed or on low incomes, and to see my LGBTQ friends afforded equal rights under the law.

“If like me, you are disaffected and disillusioned by parochialism, and wish to see progressive politics in Lagan Valley, then don’t waste your vote; please vote Green on Thursday the 2nd March.