Condemnation of North Down hate reports

North Down Green Party Councillor John Barry has today, Tuesday, June 28, 2016, condemned the rise in xenophobic incidents in North Down.

Councillor Barry said,

“Northern Ireland is not immune to the reported rise in hate crime that England has experienced.

“At the Ards and North Down Policing and Community Safety Partnership on Monday night we received reports of people being told to ‘go home, we don’t need you anymore’.

“That this rise in hate crime and xenophobia and the anxiety amongst foreign nationals is connected to the Brexit vote is beyond doubt.

“One of the consequences of the vote, apart from the political and economic chaos it has caused nationally, is that xenophobes and racists now feel empowered.

“This is not to say that everyone who voted for leave was a racist. Far from it. But the sad reality is that almost all racists will have voted to leave.

“I call on all politicians including those who voted to leave the EU to join me to condemn racism and xenophobia and reassure those who feel worried or frightened at this time. And I would encourage people to contact the PSNI if they are concerned, feel threatened or the victim of a hate crime.

“Any attacks should be reported to police immediately via 101 or the confidential Crimestoppers helpline 0800 555 111.”

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