Cllr John Barry warns fake diazepam could be on sale in NI

Thursday February 8 2018

A Green Party councillor has warned that dangerous fake diazepam tablets could be on sale on Northern Ireland’s streets.

Councillor John Barry said police in Scotland have reported that large quantities of “diazepam” tablets are being produced illicitly there.

These could be made using active ingredients such as Etizolam instead of diazepam.

“Police in Scotland believe the pills have been associated with at least one sudden death,” the Ards and North Down councillor said.

“Most of the tablets are being sold in Scotland. However, Ards and North Down Policing and Community Safety Partnership has reported there is recent evidence to suggest these may now be available in Northern Ireland.

“They vary in appearance, bearing various markings and logos.

“People tempted to buy these tablets could be under the impression that they are the genuine article, but there is no knowing what you could be taking. You could be playing Russian roulette with your life and long-term health.

“I would urge anyone with information relating to these pills, and in particular who knows anyone who has experienced adverse effects after taking them, please contact”