Clare Bailey


Clare Bailey

Green Party candidate for South Belfast

Clare Bailey

A passionate supporter of women’s rights and well-known equality campaigner, Clare Bailey is deputy leader of the Green Party and was elected as a South Belfast MLA in 2016.

“I am a long-time resident of South Belfast, arguably the most diverse and inclusive constituency in Northern Ireland”, said Clare.

“I have always put the people of South Belfast first during my time as an MLA.

“As your MP, I will continue to put people first.

“The Green Party is contesting this election on the basis of;

  • Your say on any final Brexit deal;
  • Your public services;
  • Your equality.

“Our MPs must challenge Brexit at Westminister but also resist the destruction of our public services through the austerity agenda.

“We must also ensure that we advance the equality agenda through Westminster in the absence of devolved government in Northern Ireland.

Clare Bailey concluded:

“Please vote Green on Thursday 08 May.”