Clare Bailey MLA

Clare Bailey to stand in European Election

Thursday 25 April 2019

Green Party Northern Ireland Leader Clare Bailey will stand as a candidate for the Green Party NI in the European Election.

Clare Bailey MLA completed her nomination submission today (Thursday 25 April) and said:

“I campaigned to Remain in the European Union back in 2016. The chaos that has ensued since then shows that Brexit is an act of economic, social and political self-sabotage.

“People are fed up with the Westminster antics and we know that Brexit is contributing to the inability of the DUP and Sinn Fein to work together.

“However, this European Election gives the people of Northern Ireland an opportunity to assert ourselves and remind the UK government that we voted to remain.

“It gives us a chance to say, we want to remain part of the European Union, we want to secure our rights and economic future and we want to reject the politics of hate and division.

“The Green Party was the first local party to campaign for a People’s Vote on any final Brexit deal.

“We are also the only local party to understand that climate emergency requires an urgent, radical and positive response.

“That’s why we will be welcomed into the influential Green European Free Alliance Group to create quality jobs in the green economy, work to eradicate inequalities and deliver critical cuts in greenhouse gas pollution.   

“We need to remain part of the European Union and we will work with the European Green block to help tackle climate chaos as the defining challenge of our time.”


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