Clare Bailey MLA says that Belfast City Council has “written off the Holyland”

Monday 09 October 2017

Clare Bailey MLA has claimed that Belfast City Council has written off the Holyland area of Belfast after it emerged that no fines were issued for on street drinking in the area last month and a mere seven littering fines issued since January.

The lack of enforcement around on street drinking was revealed by the Irish News today and littering fines figures were obtained by Clare Bailey via a Freedom of Information request.

The South Belfast MLA said:

“Belfast City Council appears to have written off the Holyland area – the serious on street drinking and littering that blights the Holyland would not be tolerated in any other area of Belfast.

“There is a lack of enforcement in the Holyland area and there is no regeneration plan for the Holyland. Yet Belfast City Council continue to approve Homes in Multiple Occupancy (HMOs) in the area which piles more people into an already overpopulated area.

“We need to think of the Holylands residents living in horrible conditions. The Holylands is coming down with rubbish and household waste. On street drinking and anti-social behaviour are making their lives a misery.”

Clare Bailey MLA concluded:

“A graduated response does not cut it – we need to see by-laws enforced by Belfast City Council immediately.”



  1. The FOI response referred to in the first line is set out below:

Thank you for your email received on the 22nd September 2017 requesting, under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, information on fines that the  Council has issued for dropping litter or dumping waste from September 2016 to September 2017 (inclusive) in the streets and alleyways in the Holylands area of Belfast.

I can advise that the Council holds the information you have requested and has decided that the information it does hold can be disclosed and is set out in the attached tables.

Number of Fixed Penalty Notices Issued from September 2016 to September 2017:

2016 September 0
October 0
November 3
December 1
2017 January 1
February 1
March 3
April 0
May 0
June 0
July 0
August 0
September 2
Total 11



Jerusalem Street 1
Rugby Avenue 1
Agincourt Avenue 4
Fitzroy Avenue 1
Fitzwilliam Square 1
Dudley Street 1
University Street 2
Total 11


I can confirm that there were no prosecution cases in connection with any of the above fines issued.

Please note that if this information is to be published it should be attributed to being Belfast City Council’s response to a freedom of information request. Should you require comment on this information, please contact Belfast City Council’s Corporate Communications service.

If you are dissatisfied with how the Council handled your request for information, you have the right to request that the Council formally review this decision.  If you wish to do so, please write to the Records Manager, Chief Executive’s Department, Belfast City Council, City Hall, Belfast, BT1 5GS.

Should you remain dissatisfied following the Council’s internal review, you can seek an independent review from the Information Commissioner.  Requests for an independent review should be made in writing to: The Information Commissioner, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF.  However I would advise you that the Information Commissioner has indicated that a review will not be undertaken unless the Council has first had an opportunity to re-consider its decision.

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