Clare Bailey MLA

Clare Bailey MLA responds positively to Gillen recommendations

Tuesday 20 November 2018

Clare Bailey MLA has responded positively to the recommendations of the Sir John Gillen review on how serious sexual offence cases are dealt with.

Clare Bailey MLA, who is Co-Chair of the Assembly All Party group on Domestic and Sexual Violence, said:

“I welcome this comprehensive review and note the efforts of Sir John Gillen and his team in making 221 recommendations.

“This report must be a starting point for a systemic review of how we approach sexual violence within the judicial system.

“Sexual violence is endemic in our society. Dealing with the aftermath of sexual violence costs the NI public purse almost £950 million each year.

“The human cost of sexual violence cannot be calculated.”

Clare Bailey continued:

“Sir Justice Gillen rightly noted that we also need a cultural change around how we view and deal with sexual violence.

“The cultural change may take generations to achieve, but the starting point must be to empower our young people through a mandatory Relationship and Sexuality Education programme.

“I would also encourage people to participate in the consultation on Lord Gillen’s review.

“The consultation closes on 15 January. Now more than ever, we must grasp this opportunity for change.”


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