Clare Bailey MLA

Clare Bailey MLA prioritises Remain in Westminster election decision

Tuesday 05 November 2019

Green Party NI leader Clare Bailey MLA has announced that she will not stand in the forthcoming Westminster election and will instead back the pro-Remain candidacy of Claire Hanna.

Clare Bailey MLA said: “These are extraordinary times that demand an extraordinary response.

“Almost 70% of the people of South Belfast voted to remain in the EU and its vital that a pro-Remain MP is returned.

“This is a first past the post election and Claire Hanna is best placed to take the South Belfast seat from the incumbent pro-Brexit MP based on previous results.   

“Brexit has been a shambles right from the beginning and chaos has reigned at Westminster ever since.     

“The Green Party NI is committed to remaining in the EU – we campaigned to remain and we have called for a People’s Vote since 2016.

“Claire Hanna and I have worked well together across a range of issues as South Belfast MLAs and Claire shares my strong pro-Remain credentials.

“I believe that Claire Hanna is well versed on the threats posed by Brexit and can use her Westminster relationships to make an early and positive impact.

“I’ve listened to the people of South Belfast and I’m taking the action needed to reject Brexit and Tory austerity.”


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