Clare Bailey MLA & Green Party rep. Áine Groogan support housing for asylum seekers

Clare Bailey MLA and Green Party rep. Áine Groogan have thrown their support behind a campaign to provide housing for destitute asylum seekers 

Asylum seekers are barred from working in the U.K. and do not receive social security benefits. If their initial claim is rejected, the Home Office withdraws their housing along with the £37 per week financial it had been giving them. They are even ineligible for emergency accommodation in hostels. The result is forced destitution.

The Housing 4 All campaign calls on the Department for Communities to give its permission to housing associations to provide properties which can be used to accommodate destitute asylum seekers through partnerships with other charitable organisations.

Clare and Áine met with Housing 4 All and have committed to work together secure Departmental support for the ending of enforced destitution.

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