Clare Bailey MLA

Treatment of HIA victims & survivors a national scandal – Clare Bailey

Tuesday 21 May 2019

Responding to the continuing lack of progress on implementing the recommendations of the Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry, Clare Bailey MLA said:

“I feel angry at how the victims and survivors of historical institutional abuse have been treated in the years since the Hart Inquiry was concluded.

“The abuse of these people at the hands of the State continues. The Secretary of State Karen Bradley has stood back and allowed that abuse to continue through the denial of any form of redress.

“I spoke with Margaret McGuckin of the SAVIA group yesterday. Margaret is calling on the Secretary of State to resign and for immediate implementation of the Hart recommendations – I reiterate those calls.

“Karen Bradley is doing a woeful job at pretending to be the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. She is full of contradiction when she says she cannot implement the Hart recommendations through Westminster, having brought forward legislation on MLA pay, public appointments and budgetary matters. 

“People are suffering, people are dying and others have lost any semblance of hope while waiting for redress. There is no justice, humanity or compassion in the actions of the Secretary of State. It is a national scandal.”

The leader of the Green Party Northern Ireland concluded:

“When Theresa May leaves office I’d like to see the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland go as well.”


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