Clare Bailey MLA

Clare Bailey gives cautious welcome to FFA working group report


Wednesday April 25 2018


Green Party MLA Clare Bailey has given a cautious welcome to the publication of the report on the termination of pregnancies in fatal foetal abnormality cases.

The working group report recommends “that a change is made to abortion law to provide for termination of pregnancy where the abnormality is of such a nature as to be likely to cause death either before birth, during birth or in the early period after birth”.

The South Belfast MLA said: “Although I welcome the publication of this report, it contains nothing that we did not expect.

“My concern is that, in the absence of legislators in Northern Ireland, this report may make little difference for women, their families and healthcare professionals who have to deal with this heart-breaking diagnosis and with the substantial risk of serious adverse effects on a women’s health and wellbeing.

“Although this is a step in the right direction, it is still far from the decriminalisation of abortion that we so urgently need in Northern Ireland,” the Green Party MLA said.




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